Tri POS = Store Software + Shopping Cart + Hand Held App

Is a fully integrated point of sale system for the distributors and retailers of cigarettes, tobacco, candy, groceries and novelties. Weather you are a distributor with a fleet of trucks, a cash and carry business, or both, Tri POS will work for you.

Store Software

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Store software will work on most windows computers and can integrate with various hardware devices such as receipt printers and barcode scanners.

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Shopping Cart

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A state of the art e-commerce application that accepts internet orders and order entries. Integrated with UPS, PayPal and Stripe payments, it will enable your business to accept orders and payments from your customers. Retail customers will also have the ability to submit order entries which can then be picklisted and/or invoiced.

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Hand Held App

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The hand held device application is a multi-purpose application providing support for sales people on the road, trucks with mobile inventory, warehouse inventory management, and received order scanning and entry. The application operates in both online and offline modes with the ability to save data on the hand held device when an internet connection is not available and synchronize later with the main server.

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MultiCat MSA

TriPOS supports the US Cigarette Industry Format.

Excise Tax Calculations

With Tri POS, it is possible to configure excise taxes at the Country, State, County and City levels. Use the available excise tax reports to report the amount of excise tax collected for a given category, invoice, customer and state. We can also assist in building custom reports that conform to your State's requirements.

2 In 1 Business Model

With Tri POS you can run a cash and carry business and a delivery business simultaneously, while mainting a single inventory base. Each business can have its own address, product prices and other rules.